Pizza Infographic

Infographic Project for BGSU ARTD2020


For the diagram project in the ARTD 2010 class we were asked to gather 100 data points and create a variety of diagrams that work together to create a successful infographic. After a great deal of thought as to which interest I should study into, I decided that being a Pizza Delivery Guy it would be in my best interest to follow that path. Using the order receipts that I got from each delivery, I then wrote down the age, amount tipped, and whether or not they had a beard. While using the data and playing with possible visuals I found that the information worked best in a longer format (17x8.5 to be exact). 

The size resembles the menus that we have at the pizza parlor which helps push the hand held format which could be handed out to our customers. While putting data together I realized that some humor would really help gain interest. With the addition of the “not so interesting fact” which deals with the relation between tips and beards, I also added a chart at the bottom of the infographic that shows customers how they should tip according to situation/personality. Lastly since the colors did not go along with the humor and format, I decided to go with a very vibrant yellow contrasted with a black. Overall the project turned out to be what I believed was one of my strongest yet, and I plan on using this piece as a stepping stone to further my career as a graphic designer.

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