Harry Houdini Poster

Historical Figures Poster

Harry Houdini Typographic Poster

As an assignment in my ARTD 2020 (Typography) class at BGSU, we were asked to design a textual poster for a historical figure. As you can see I decided to give a take on Harry Houdini with a typographic solution that is both modern and experimental. As inspiration I looked at the definitions for both "Illusion" and "escape" which are two of the most important attributes of Harry that people know. 
The term "forgive" which is repeated in the background of the poster was the word that Harry, on his death bed, told his wife he would use to try and contact them from beyond the grave. The blue and pink when put together have a certain effect on the human eye that creates a lack of focus or an abundance of confusion which was pushed to the extreme in this poster in order to reach the illusionistic feel. To help understand the poster more I encourage you to read the poster itself, thank you.
Rough Drafts
Alternate Drafts
Final Draft
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